Juice: Stitch for Sheffield Scan - Calling All Hand Crafters for December Fayre!

The Juice Needlework Group is hosting a fayre to exhibit on Wednesday 13th December on The Ground Floor Exhibition Space in the Diamond.

Whilst our focus is on needle based crafts we would like to invite ALL HAND CRAFTS to take part. Other offers already have been handmade chocolates, greetings cards, cakes….So if you are a painter, artist, potter, woodworker, baker…. – i.e. use your hands to create things that other people might like – you are invited to join us.

All items created by hand are to be sold to raise money for the Sheffield Scanner Appeal.

The Fayre is supported by Sheffield Scanner Appeal and Juice (Find us on Social Media: @sheffieldscan @JuiceSheffield with #stitchforsheffieldscan)

For more information and to participate please get in touch with Erica Williams (e.williams@sheffield.ac.uk) or Juice@sheffield.ac.uk - we would love for you to get involved!

Many Thanks,

Juice Needlework Group