VPGC - Congratulations!

TUoS employees transformed after 100 days in the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge.

The University of Sheffield have once again finished the challenge as the most active education organisation, out of all the companies that took part - this is amazing and completely down to you taking part!

On May 24th, 434 employees from across the organisation made a commitment to improve their health and performance. Since then, they’ve increased awareness of how they move, eat and feel. They’ve improved their physical and mental health – and have taken steps towards becoming a more resilient, productive and engaged workforce.

Through goal setting and a sense of healthy competition, people achieved an average daily step count of 13,854 (equivalent to 5.51 miles).

In teams of seven – and supported by a global movement of 312,000 members around the world – our employees embraced team work and clocked up 223,381 miles in their virtual journey around the world (equating to walking nearly 9 times around the world) – on the Global Challenge’s online portal which helps members track their physical activity and unlock new locations as they move around the globe.

All the energy and calories expended throughout the 100 day challenge by TUoS staff equates to over 90,000 slices of cakes!

  • 82.7% of those who took part this year fall into the ‘Active’ or ‘very active’ range, completing over 10,000 steps a day on average
  • CiCStart took out the top spot as our most active team, ranking 477 on Global Challenge’s Leaderboard – no small achievement given that 44,742 teams were in the running. Their daily step average was also impressive, clocking in at 23,820 steps equivalent every day of the 100 day event. Team Captain Ian Belton shared the secrets of their success, ‘We stay in touch with each constantly, share our progress and offer motivation to each other.’
  • The Pulsars made some serious changes to their lifestyle and routine, topping the chart as the most improved team!
  • A participant from previous year’s challenge, Liam Walker, has also shared their personal journey of discovery with the Global Challenge Community, with a full article on his achievements to date here.

Rob Kelsall - Fintastics: The VPCG is a great springboard for those wanting to get back into being healthy, as well as those wanting to maintain their fitness, so our team are now at a comfortable level to get involved in other events such as park runs, 10kms and half marathons.

If you took part in this year’s challenge, or want to get involved in walking more, why not join our Walking Club on one of their outings, who meet weekly to stay active during the working day. If you enjoyed cycling and swimming to up yourstep count, there is also opportunity for staff to book onto free spinning and swimming each week. Find out more aboutthese activities and more by accessing the Juice Platform here.

Congratulations again to all involved, keep stepping up!