Mental Health & Wellbeing this March

The 1st of March is University Mental Health Day. As such, this month our bitesize will focus on providing information and guides about what mental health services and activities there are to support staff.

Juice isn't just about physical activity, we have a range of activities and services that can support positive mental health.

#Unimentalhealthday: University Mental Health Day - 1st March 2018

University Mental Health Day is a national campaign promoting the mental health of people who live, work and study in Higher Education settings.The theme this year is CommUNIty! Whether you’re a student, a member of support staff, an academic, or a senior university leader, we all have a part to play to cultivate a positive mental health community at university, and this day allows us to come together to champion mental health.

To help support this, The University of Sheffield ensures that there is advice and Counselling is available for staff, as part of our staff helpline and counselling service.

Balancing everyday life together with the requirements of work and home can create pressures for all of us. To assist you in achieving this balance, our helpline can help you find practical ways forward when you feel overwhelmed by problems. The independent advisers are highly trained to quickly find what you need and help you get back in control of your life. There is also access to on-going face to face or telephone counselling.The helpline service can help you with a wide range of problems and issues, for example:

•Financial – organising your finances, dealing with debt, budgeting, investments, taxes•Relationships – family, work, partners, friends•Family care – finding childcare, schooling, parenting issues, elderly care•Housing - house purchases, mortgages, renting, insurance•Legal – wills, consumer issues, insurance claims, road traffic accidents•Work – stress, harassment, career matters, employment law

Please note that the helpline is applicable to sexual orientation issues, including homophobic bullying and harassment.

For more help today call: 0800 028 1947.

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