Juice Bitesize - April: Spring into Gardening!

Your monthly digest of health and wellbeing information that matters to you!

This month our bitesize focuses on reaping the benefits of getting outdoors!

Spring is officially here, so now is the time to get active, get outdoors and get involved! Taking inspiration from last month’s Juice Five Ways to Wellbeing can help you to do this.

Take Notice

Finding new ways to exercise your mind and body can be as easy as stepping into your own back garden with studies linking gardening to reducing the risk of disease, obesity, depression, as well as improving balance and helping to manage stress.Taking a step back from the busy every day and giving yourself time and space to be more aware of your own mental and physical needs, can positively influence your outlook on life.


Not only is gardening a physical workout but it is also a way to improve your mental wellbeing. Engaging in an outdoor activity such as gardening can help boost your mood and feelings of self-esteem due to increased exposure to the sun whilst also strengthening a connection to the environment and your place in life in general.

Keep Learning

Not knowing where to start can be the hardest hurdle, so we have included some helpful links below to ways you can get your hands dirty, whether that be planting a few flowers, growing your own vegetables or even applying for an allotment.


There are many benefits of utilising your green thumb, such as:

  • Bringing together your local community and meet new people by supporting and sharing produce
  • Saving money by growing your own fruit and vegetables
  • Encouraging you to make healthier choices
  • Being kind / giving back to the environment by producing food sustainably
Researchers at the University of Sheffield have launched an investigation into the UK’s own-grown food production and are working with members of the public growing food in allotments, gardens and other green spaces. To find out more on this exciting project please visit their webpages here.

Be Active

The days are getting longer, brighter and warmer, so now is the perfect time to get outside and start exploring.

Try taking a lunchtime stroll through one of Sheffield’s local parks or round up your family and friends for a visit to the peak district. Seeing the new spring flowers beginning to bloom might provide inspiration for your own garden!

The Juice Platform also has plenty of outdoor activities available to help you find what suits you. We have our weekly bootcamp and netball groups, and if you want to try something new why not check out Walking Football?

In addition to our usual activity programme, Juice is supporting the supporters of the Sheffield Scanner Appeal 2018. Whether you have signed up for the Sheffield Half Marathon or the Big Walk, we have Spinning and Circuit classes to mix up your fitness and training regime. To book on please visit the activities section

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