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Nutritious Juice

Healthy eating is not about going on a fad diet to lose weight. It's a way of living to keep you healthy and energised. It isn't about what you can't eat and drink, it's about the wonderful variety of foods and drinks that you can include in your everyday life to achieve a healthy balance.

This month’s bitesize article is full of helpful tips and information, to help you make healthier choices every day.

Take Notice

It is important to realise that changing your diet is not an abrupt process, and there are several stages you must go through before you are ready to take action on your diet. Crash diets don’t work, instead you should try to make small and sustainable steps towards a healthy change. Most people eat 21 meals a week, try to make 19 of them healthy.

By taking notice of the choices you make every day, you can find easy ways to change your diet for the better that work for you. Take a look at the tips below and think about the simple choices and substitutions you could make in your daily routine.


You don't have to do it alone!

Involving your family, friends and colleagues in your healthy eating journey is a great way to keep you on track. Sharing your goals and progress can help to keep you focussed, and they may have some great tips to help you.

If your aim is for weight loss but you struggle to find motivation, many people find it useful to join a club such as Slimming World or Weight Watchers. Not only will you have access to many helpful tips and information, you will meet people on the same journey as yourself, where you can share stories and motivate each other.

Keep Learning
Needed for
Main sources
CalciumFormation and maintenance of bones and teeth. Also prevents blood clotting and promotes normal nerve function.Milk, cheese, yogurt, canned fish, dark green leafy vegetables, white and brown flour and bread.
PhosphorusAn essential component of all cells and present in bones and teeth.Milk, cheese, meat, fish and eggs.
MagnesiumInvolved in energy transfer in the cell, in enzyme activity and muscle functioning.Widespread but wholegrain cereals, nuts and spinach are good sources.
PotassiumFunctioning of cells. Constituent of body fluids.All foods except sugars, fats and oils. Unprocessed foods have more potassium than processed foods.
B VitaminsHealthy heart, nervous system, skin and organ linings.Whole grains, nuts, milk, cereals, white meat and fish.
Folic AcidFormation of blood cells especially important in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy for the baby’s nervous system.Leafy green vegetables, whole grains, breakfast cereals, bananas.
Vitamin CKeeps red blood cells, skin and nervous system healthy.Berries, citrus fruit, green vegetables, peppers, tomatoes.
IronRequired for red blood cells to carry oxygen.Liver, red meat, nuts, eggs, wholegrains, dark leafy green vegetables.
FibreHelps to prevent constipation and can lower cholesterol.Cereals, beans, pulses, wholegrains, fruit and vegetables.

Don’t forget that other people may be on a healthy eating journey, and it is important to support your friends, family and colleagues. Offering support and encouragement will help them to achieve their goals and may also get you thinking about the choices you make yourself.

Why not offer your time to go on a lunchtime walk with your colleagues, it’s a great way to connect and you will reap the benefits too!

Be Active

Here at Juice, it is no secret that physical activity has huge benefits for both your physical and mental wellbeing. Regular exercise can help control weight and reduce the risk for heart disease and high blood pressure, whilst generally improving mental health and helping people cope with stress.

Juice offers a range of low, moderate and high intensity activities to help you achieve your goals. Book on to an activity for free via the Juice Platform.Take a look around the Health Hub for a number of articles to help you get up and get active.

For information on short, scenic walks around campus, request our new Walking Routes leaflet by emailing us at juice@sheffield.ac.uk.